This is a very light and refreshing drink with a mild fizz.

1.0 oz Bourbon
0.5 oz Orange Liqueur
1.5 oz Limoncello
3.5 oz Lemon Lime Soda
0.25 oz Lime Juice
2 dashes Bitters

I mixed everything except the lemon lime soda in a shaker. Strain it into a glass. Add the lemon-lime soda and stir. Enjoy.

This was seen on the Common Man Cocktails website.



Bacardi Superior White Rum

A far as white rums go, the expectations can be pretty low. Most aren’t aged and some are filtered to remove any color and most of the flavor. I think the Fat Rum Pirate described it (or quoted someone else) as “sweet vodka”. I think that is a pretty good description and I can’t top that. And to me, the Bacardi Superior is nothing more. There is some sweetness, and I get a hint of something tropical in the aroma, but nothing comes through.

In a cocktail, it adds the alcohol kick. I remember getting more of a subtle fruitiness from the Cruzan Light Rum.

Proof: 80 (40% ABV)

Paid: $7 for 375ml

Buy again: No


The Naked Turtle White Rum

I ran across The Naked Turtle White Rum in an ABC store I hadn’t visited before. It was labeled as an un-aged white rum (naked). The company advertises that they are involved in sea turtle rescue.

I bought the bottle and headed back to the Lair. Upon opening it, I was surprised by the aroma of marshmallows, and some alcohol. This carried through into cocktails, but more as an element of sweetness, than as a marshmallow flavor.

In a cocktail the Turtle doesn’t bring much burn. I’m guessing it has some level of sugar that offsets the alcohol burn.

Importer: Diageo

Proof: 80 (40% ABV)

Paid: $13 for 750ml

Buy again: Probably