Thanks for visiting my site about my adventures in alcohol!

To be clear, this isn’t a review site, although I do talk about what I do and don’t like.

In the past, when I tasted a spirit neat (by itself), I tended to ONLY get that hit of alcohol and no other flavors. Once mixed, even lightly with another liquid, some flavors came though. But I tend to have a very strong sense of smell that exceeds my sense of taste. So I don’t think I’m the guy you want, trying to tell you the subtle flavors in your $100 bottle of Scotch.

For me, it’s simple: I tend to think of things in terms of whether I would buy it again or not.

This also isn’t a recipe site, but I will post drinks that I try along the way.

Everything here reflects my experience and taste, and probably not yours. Find what you like and enjoy… RESPONSIBLY!

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