Don Q Oak Barrel Spiced Rum

In my quest to try new rums, and given my limited selection in North Carolina, I recently ordered a bottle of Don Q Oak Spiced Rum from VA ABC. After being notified of its arrival at my preferred store, I was road-tripping to see my neighbors to the north.

I know spiced rums have a poor reputation in general, often using poor quality rums and an abundance of artificial flavors and sugar to hide that fact. This one seemed to have a lot to recommend it. Aside from using natural flavors, promoting the oak influence, and having a real age statement, it weighs in at a respectable 90 proof.

The aroma is vanilla upfront with toffee, cinnamon, and oak. The flavor is the same as the aroma, with the oak bringing some char, and some additional heat from the alcohol to go along with the cinnamon; it reminds me of spiced Christmas cookies. The flavor lingers for a bit also.

Don Q Oak Spiced Rum was a very nice experience. Unlike other spiced rums I have tried neat, this was very drinkable. It is not overwhelmingly sweet like so many others, and the claimed natural spice flavors, come across as such. The oak is there in the aroma and in the taste.

I haven’t mixed this yet. I think I could be happy having it neat as a special treat, saving the less deserving spiced rums for the Coke

Age: 3 Years

Proof: 90 (45% ABV)

Paid: $30 for 750ml (VA ABC)

Buy Again: Yes!

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