Passion Fruit Syrup

Ripe passion fruit is circular, has a wrinkled leathery skin, and contains a juicy, pulpy flesh with small black seeds. Passion fruit syrup can be made from the juice along with sugar, and is both tart and sweet. It is used in some well known cocktails such as the Hurricane and Trader Vic Grog.

Awesome Drinks has a recipe for Passion Fruit Daiquiri this is one of my favorite cocktails.

When I started looking for passion fruit syrup, I found the Possmei brand at an attractive price. It is, however, a 5.5 POUND jug of the stuff. I bought it anyway. Don’t judge me.

Anyway, it is tasty stuff. I actually like to occasionally mix it with Sprite (and with no alcohol). It yields a sweet, but very tropical drink.